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Signed long-term contract

JKL Company has signed a long-term contract for Inside Sales service of Global IT company. (JKLcompany does not disclose the client name for confidentiality of client information.) B2B Inside Sales Specialist JKL Company is carrying out projects by putting professional ISR for this project. We will touch at least 50,000 accounts over a year. The project targets all industries in all areas of healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance, and so on.

JKL Company has signed a s business

JKL Company has signed a s business cooperation contract with Aimai, an LED light manufacturer, to expand B2B sales. JKL Company will work as a sales partner for Aimai to unearth B2B customers of Aimai's industrial LED products.

CEO Lecture Series

CEO jinkook Lee of JKL Company gave a lecture on "B2B A2Z, Account Sales and Marketing" at the regular seminar of School of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University.

JKL CompanyXKG Passone

The contents of sales training prepared by JKL Company and online training company KG Passone were opened at KG Passone site.

Already do it, but only you do not k

A revised version of the book [Already do it, but only you do not know B2B Sales] written by CEO Jinkook Lee was published.

A new service of JKL Company

This service provides consulting(mentoring) and inside sales for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses that have difficulty to expand the B2B market and securing potential customers.

MOU with Pulley Ascent

JKL Company signed MOU with Pulley Ascent to help Korean companies advance into the Asia-Pacific region. Through the MOU agreement with Singaporean company Pulley Ascent, JKL Company will connect Korean companies with B2B customers and partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

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